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ACTIVITY OR MISSION: Birthright israel foundation raises funds in the u.s. to support birthright israel, a program which offers approximately 45,000 young jewish adults an educatonal trip to israel.



Israel Tapoohi

Israel "Izzy" Tapoohi (Hebrew: ישראל "איזי" תפוחי‎) is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Birthright Israel Foundation, the non-profit organization that raises funds in the US to support Birthright Israel trips. Tapoohi joined Birthright Israel Foundation after serving as President and CEO of Development Corporation for Israel Bonds from October 2011 - October 2016. Prior to Israel Bonds, Tapoohi held director positions on the boards of leading Israeli and international companies, including Bezeq, Israel's largest telecommunications provider, and Africa-Israel Investments Ltd., an international holdings and investments group. He has been appointed to top-level advisory positions, including with the first and second Netanyahu governments, and has been involved with real estate and venture capital investments. Born in Israel and raised in Australia, Tapoohi immigrated to Israel with his family in 1979. Wikipedia

Policies and Practices T=True F=False
Board Meeting Minutes. Minutes are taken at each board meeting.

Committee Meeting Minutes. Minutes are taken at meetings of committees acting on the board’s behalf.

Internal Review of Form 990. Copy of Form 990 is provided to each board member prior to filing.

The form 990 was prepared by an independent accounting firm in conjuction with the organization's financial department. a copy of the draft form 990 was circulated to the full board of directors for discussion and comment. each board member was provided ample opportunity to comment on the information contained in the 990 prior to its filing with the internal revenue service.

Conflict of Interest Policy. The organization has a conflict of interest policy. T
Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest. Officers, directors, trustees, and key employees are required to disclose annually interests that could give rise to conflicts of interest policy. T
Enforcement of Conflict of Interest Policy. The organization regularly and consistently enforces compliance with the conflict of interest policy.

Each officer, director, trustee and key employee of the ORGANIZATION is required to annually disclose any conflicts of interest that arise by virtue of their employment, board service, or position with the ORGANIZATION. The ORGANIZATION monitors compliance with its conflict of interest policy through an annual questionnaire/disclosure statement that is distributed to these individuals. Potential conflicts are investigated immediately.

Whistleblower Policy. The organization has a written whistleblower policy.

Document Retention and Destruction Policy. The organization has a written document retention and destruction policy. T
Process for Setting Salary of Senior Staff, Parts A. and B.:

The compensation of the C-Suite is reviewed annually by the independent members of the compensation committee of the board of directors who relied upon external 3rd party comparable market data in assessing the appropriateness of the total compensation to be provided to the incumbent. Compensation decisions and reports are contemporaneously documented in the minutes of the committee meeting at the time the decisions are made. The foundation last conducted an independent executive compensation survey in December of 2017. The Foundation envisions commissioning another compensation survey within the approaching two years. For all other individuals reported on the Form 990, compensation decisions are reviewed internally by the Foundation's officers and approved by the President.

Part A. Process for Setting Salary of Top Management Official. The process for determining compensation of the CEO, Executive Director or other top management official includes a review and approval by independent persons, comparability data and contemporaneous substantiation of the deliberation and decision. T
Part B. Process for Setting Salaries of Senior Employees. The process for determining compensation of senior officials includes a review and approval by independent persons, comparability data and contemporaneous substantiation of the deliberation and decision. T
Disclosure of Documents. Disclose how the organization made governing documents, conflict of interest policy, and financial statements available to the public during the tax year.

The foundation makes its form 990 available by retaining a copy at its place of business. The form 990 is likewise published on the internet at The organizations 990, financial statements, record retention and destruction policy are published on the organizations website. The organizations governing documents and conflict of interest policy are not ordinarily made available to the public, but, if requested, will be provided at managements discretion.

NOTE: Tzedakah, Inc. strongly encourages each organization to make its minutes (with suitable redactions to preserve individual privacy) and all governing documents available to the public on its website. Tzedakah. Inc. considers failure to do so a failure in transparency and views requiring specific requests for documents to be an unnecessary burden on the public in view of the availability of internet websites.


End of fiscal year Name Title Base salary Comp. from related org. Additional compensation
2019-12-31Israel TapoohiPresident/CEO734,662054,369
2019-12-31Jessica FeldanChief Development officer390,048060,889
2019-12-31S David ShapiroCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER344,892044,399
2019-12-31Arthur PaikowskyVice President, Western Region320,918054,280
2019-12-31Diane RomirowskiVP, Principal Gifts256,108043,193
2019-12-31Carole-Ann LevineVP, Southeast Region239,603041,549
2019-12-31Pamela Fertel-WeinsteiV.P. of Mktg & Communications185,615049,826
2019-12-31Zhe YangV.P. of Information Technology218,087015,977
2019-12-31Jackie SoleimaniV.P. Leadership & Develop.181,792050,570
2018-12-31Israel TapoohiPresident/CEO705,182064,416
2018-12-31S David ShapiroCFO331,238041,710
2018-12-31Jessica FeldanChief Development officer314,857056,728
2018-12-31Zhe YangV.P. of Information Technology200,541014,772
2018-12-31Pamela Fertel-WeinsteinV.P. of Mktg & Communications171,980043,534
2018-12-31Jackie SoleimaniV.P. Leadership & Develop.181,878044,798
2018-12-31Deborah DolginAVP, Major Gifts West Region187,359032,862
2018-12-31Diane RomirowskiVP, Principal Gifts220,968040,896
2018-12-31Arthur PaikowskyVice President, Western Region305,954050,173
2018-12-31Carole-Ann LevineVP, Southeast Region223,322038,174
2018-12-31Margot EttlingerAVP, Major Gifts NE Region186,911037,057
2017-12-31Israel Tapoohi579,155036,801
2017-12-31S David Shapiro321,118044,402
2017-12-31Jessica Feldan121,307038,120
2017-12-31Zhe Yang185,490013,939
2017-12-31Pamela Fertel-Weinstein152,225037,101
2017-12-31Irit Gross271,169038,135
2017-12-31Serena Young225,433052,854
2017-12-31Arthur Paikowsky296,212052,041
2017-12-31Jackie Soleimani164,240041,668
2017-12-31Carole-Ann Levine196,595035,415
2017-12-31Margot Atlas180,521033,399
2017-12-31David Fisher771,81600
The following sources of information helped establish the compensation of the organization’s CEO/Executive Director:
  • Compensation committee
  • Form 990 of other organizations
  • Compensation survey or study
  • Approval of the board or compensation committee.
End of fiscal year Number of board members Number of paid staff Number of volunteers

PLEASE NOTE: This is a profile only of the US charity, Birthright Israel Foundation. Information on this profile is from the Birthright Israel Foundation’s Forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service or the organization’s inernet website. A small amount of contact information may be from other sources. Tzedakah, Inc does not verify data provided by the listed charities.

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