Israel Tennis and Education Centers

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ACTIVITY OR MISSION: Israel tennis & education centers foundation transforms the lives of vulnerable children in israel, creating opportunities for a brighter future. we offer much needed support to 20,000 children annually, of all faiths, many living on or below the poverty level, by educating and empowering them through academic enrichment, sports and mentoring, igniting hope and opening pathways to a successful future for them and for israel. our 15 centers throughout israel are intentionally located in underprivileged neighborhoods. itec truly embodies inclusion and unity in a region where this model of ethnic integration is rare. in these safe and nurturing environments, each and every child is offered an equal opportunity to play, dream, learn and make friends within a peaceful community.
  • Name of organization: Israel Tennis and Education Centers
  • Telephone number: (212) 784-9200
  • Address:
    57 WEST 38TH STREET NO 605
    NEW YORK, NY 10018
  • Employer identification number: 132961273
  • Principal officer: JACQUELINE S GLODSTEIN

PLEASE NOTE: This is a profile only of the US charity, Israel Tennis and Education Centers. Information on this profile is from the Israel Tennis and Education Centers’s Forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service or the organization’s inernet website. A small amount of contact information may be from other sources. Tzedakah, Inc does not verify data provided by the listed charities.

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